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Just for fun: Small stellated dodecahedron animated 3D print



  • tab...

    Very nice Buk.

    Like the subtle by contrasting colours to.

    PS, there is now Design / Modelling DSM showcase area that's being highlighted on the start page - updated every month - don't know the exact selection criteria but a WOW factor (like your stuff) must make it a contender...



  • Me Here

    Thanks Tim.

    My graphics card was finally delivered and I've got it installed and set up (except sound) and I wanted something mildly complex to test the improved performance.

    The inspiration was this lampshade that been hanging in my hallway for ever:

    It quite a tricky thing to construct accurately.

    The reveal in the gif is done by dragging a plane with clipping enabled up the screen in real time.

    But I'm going to have dig out or create something more complex because that barely woke the gpu up. 0.3% was the highest I saw.


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