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Centroid file creation



  • Jayx .

    It's already available, in Output->Reports.

  • Roger Keay

    Thanks Jayx,

    Built-in Reports doesn't list it in my version. I'm using 8.1 for now. Is it in 9.0?

    The list of reports I have available is:

    Bill Of Materials

    Component Height

    Dangling Tracks

    Design Rule Check Report

    Design Status Report

    Generic Netlist

    Schematic/PCB Check

    Layers Report

    Net Completion

    Stockit Parts List

    Unconnected Pins Report


    Then I have a few custom BOM reports I've made. No CPL or Centroid. 

    EDIT: Even though I don't have a built-in report I looked at the custom features and saw I have the fields built-in as Values, so I can construct my own. Thanks for the info!

  • Jayx .

    I'm using 9.0.3 and tbh can't remember now if I created this repotr myself or it was there already. Anyway looks like you've found what you need.


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