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Dimension change from millimeter to degrees



  • Tim Heeney

    Hello Per

    I believe the 2 lines / curves are not perfectly parallel. If selecting their ends then a distance will be given but if it's curve is selected, then if referenced to another non parallel curve, then an angle is produced.

    Using 'Snap to Grid' should help in overcoming these small errors.

    Try measuring using the 'e' (measure) key. Select a single entity or ctrl select 2 entities...

    Try this: ( refer to gifs )

    These notes/gifs demonstrate adding dims to the new constraint sketcher in V5.

    Simiar 'principles' apply to adding dimensions in annotation planes.

    Select curve end and end of other curve ( or 2 ends of a single curve 2nd gif) = 3 options ( dynamically placed by curser move and ( select / click) placement.

    1: 2 points distance dim. ( = length in gif 2)

    2: horzontal dist dim.

    3: Vertical dist dim.

    Select curve and another curve = Angle ( if NOT parallel ) 1st click to confirm angle dim. 2nd click to dynamically choose it's reflex / corresponding angle etc.

    If Parallel = distance dim between curves.

    Does this help you?

     X ,Y axis may be dimensioned / referenced to curves, circle / arc quadrants, curve ends and points etc. An unnecessary ( double dimension will turn geometry red ( freezing it ) until resolved...

  • Per Strandhauge

    Hi Tim,

    Thank you very much for your answer.

    It was exactly as you described - my lines were not parallel, but I could first see that when I got som more decimals on the measurement.


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