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Adding additional pull sections, extrusions..with divisions, not just moving?



  • Tim Heeney

    Please supply an image of what you'd like to do in Designspark Mechanical. From reading your post i can confirm DSM requires a manual face / body split with some of it's tools - but an example of what you'd like to do would help greatly.

  • Jacant

    Do you want something like this?

  • Michael Michael

    My shareX gif recorder doesn´t record properly in the beginning of the actions, so no gif..have to figure that out what´s wrong.

    Youtube and mp4 have to do.

    this demonstrates the bevel tool ..which in Lightwave polymodeling can be used to extrude with a bevel function..I simply right click and a new bevel extrusion is made, I do not need to scale it at the same time as I can do here, but a simple additional extrusion so each extrusion is made with a division, the pull tool does´t do that it just pulls up or down the surface of the solid, I have tried with ctrl or shift ..which sorts of copy a segment, but its not split really.


    a simple right click and the pull should start with a new extrusion pull, not just moving the old pull.


    So no..the above image sample by Jacant isn´t what I want, that is just splitting a fillet segment..

    Heres the video to demonstrate what I would want, something similar.


  • Tim Heeney

    Hmm, well i suppose this is close...DSM won't quite match that magic but you did say...' Heres the video to demonstrate what I would want, something similar.'

    The gif shows a face pulled normal without expansion despite the attached bevels. This is done by face selection and also selection all of it's face edges. DSM also would allow say, only 1,2 or 3 edges individual bevel growth suppression. Whilst selection is maintained ( albeit with face reselected to deselect it), the pivot edge command then allows bevel face creation by drag or precision size input.


    The other bevelled faces were made about planes using draft options. Plane selection auto divides faces and cmd allows any angle / functions as below image.

    just a couple of ways...DSM very flexible, but not as quick as your demo. Below is a new level made by copying / paste a face and pulling without merging bodies - takes a few secs only.

    Shouldn't forget the move tool on edges, nor applying chamfer tool to preselected edges.

    DSM fairly flexible but probably not as Blender nor Lightwave.

  • Michael Michael

    Thank´s Tim Heeney,


    Yes..that seems to be something I should look in to ..will have to check tomorrow though.

    Polymodelers are faster and more flexible  with this kind of stuff, and other stuff you can deform with subpatching etc that you can´t do in cad tools, they all have their uses.

    I made a little thread in the newtek forums (lightwave3D) Pipeline Designsparks and Lightwave, to help out and urge people to use Designsparks in some situations.

    Right now some folks are a bit interested and they have tested it, what they mostly want to do is to bring designsparks models in to Lightwave and not just for rendering, but to actually continue to work on the models, and that is where it´s a bit tricky since mostly you may want clean geometry to continue to bevel and extrude and also if you turn the model to subpatch, that is required for it to work properly.

    In lightwave we can merge triangles by a command or in blender do the same, and we can remesh the model by using various remesh addons, modifiers, and even use vdb to remesh to quads, however it doesn´t yield perfect edges and polyflows.

    there are cad loaders for modo which may do the trick, but that´s very expensive.

    Moi is a neat software that does export very nicely out to quads.


    Thank´s again.

  • Tim Heeney

    MOI looks interesting.

    I choose DSM / Ansys Spaceclaim because of it's sectional dragging in the context of assemblies. Coming from a heavily dependent cross section design methodology ( think optical lenses within tubes ) and a dynamic cad background ( HP solidesigner / OneSpace/ CoCreate and now Creo Direct ) , one thing i definitely didn't want was a parametric modeller - geez do i revist the original idea and change, change, change as more good ideas spring forth. The model parts were all prismatic back then. DSM fits me fairly well.

    However, just to experiment, i copy what other do on YouTube.

    Hers's quite a simple water bottle as a DSM example - i admit to working hard with DSM by using surfaces

    to do this, and the omission of a mirror tool can make for more work.

    The below was my rationale for DSM use...

    I also like the Structuring of Bodies / Components and assemblies and the file insertion techniques / controls much like Spaceclaim and 'proper cad'...

    Other new tools are the Constraint Sketcher - which isn't quite finished yet is quite powerful - i use it but other experienced users still prefer the traditional sketcher. The new visualisation tools > Grids and Strips really help me.

  • Michael Michael

    Some nice stuff there Tim Heeney.

    Yes, that bottle..currently I would probably stick with poly subsurface modeling to acheive those forms.

    What end use and accuracy requirements, such as printing etc, I suppose decides what is best to use.

    I would like to look in to eyewear design, if Designsparks is capable of some of that in some nice ways.

    I know some pro eyewear designs uses Catia for instance, you could also get fairly decent stuff with polymodelers as well, but you loose out on true dimensions and parametric changes with full accuracy with that, on the other hand you can deform and smooth surfaces or sculpt surfaces to your liking.


    Back to that question this was all about, yes..your tip helped, but I don´t think I had to set pivot edge when pulling.

    What I did is to first select the surface, then ctrl and double click on the edge around it, then use pull tool, that gives me that extra extrusion, but perhaps that pivot edge option was for the more advanced bevel operation.

    Another way is to of course select the face and right click to detach, then use pull tool, that will yield two seperate bodys, so in such case you would want to select all and combine to one body again.

    Otherwise all is good here in Sweden :)

    Thanks again Tim for helping out.



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