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instructional for slotted holes



  • Boss .

    Thanks. I'm happy to be proven wrong, but isn't the issue that the manufacturer can't use milled slots in a drill file?
    I know if you have your own milling machine you can do slots in the drill file, but my understanding is manufacturers require the drill file to only contain drilling positions and hole size for high-speed drilling.

    Pro does support slotted holes as a variant of the pad (see page 64 of the Users guide), but I have not tried this yet, has anyone else?

    I also asked SamacSys who create the PPL parts for DSPCB if there was any way they could incorporate slotted pads for USB connectors and was informed they were investigating this with DS and hoped to have some soon. This was by adding the milling slot on a layer and again I got the impression this what manufacturers require.

    The only limitation I see is DSPCB and Pro can't visualise the slots in any of the views or 3D render.

  • kdahlmann

    Wow great, your are right ! I guess that`s why your name is Boss. :-D

    I just tried it and this feature is existing in PRO version only and quite easy but not obviously, nearly a hidden feature which is not available in the normal pad style properties dialog. And of course, they are displayed correctly. Never used the 3D view.

    Regarding the files - there is no reason to keep the slotted holes in an extra file and maybe this is the point where manufacturer require fees for manual work, I guess.

    There are only 2 types of drill holes and both will be created if settings in drill data is correct (marked plated and unplated holes/board outline). One contains all plated information and one all unplated. The decision of processing the drill file is an automatic process by the manufacturer/software and even if you have a 8mm plated hole, it is unlikely this is really drilled than rather milled instead. So I think there is no reason to really separate drills and mills. The same is for unplated holes, there are board outline but also drills and mills in one file.

    We will see when I order the boards. But in my eyes it makes sense to drill/mill the plated first, cover the board with copper and after process the unplated parts. But I am not very deep into manufacturing processes.  

  • kdahlmann

    Here the shorter tutorial for DS PCB Pro using pad styles dialog in Design Technology file.
    Slotted holes are not supported on the fly (using pad styles properties).

    Add a new pad style with an oval or rounded rectangle shape and change the hole type from round to oval or rounded rectangle.

    Add a pad and change the pad style to the name of the slotted hole creation (here simply name slotted choosen). In the properties dialog you find only the hint, that this is a slot type, changes can be made to the design technology file only.

    This pad will appear in the plated through hole files (drills) when creating manufacturing plots automatically. There may occur an error, that it is not possible to drill with the minimum tool size. This can be changed on request in "drill data - device setup":

    A verify with an online gerber viewer gives correct results (soldermask, bottom copper, plated drill holes in order):


  • kdahlmann

    By the way - it was not possible to use the created pad style in the symbol editor when creating components. It is only possible to create an oval pad with round drill, save as component and change the pad style(s) after placing components on the board with pad style properties dialog. See picture, right connector like created with pcb symbol editor, left side manually changed pad style after.


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