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Centerline in Drawing Addon



  • Tim Heeney

    Hello Marcus...

    I also am a new user of the drawing module - it's very difficult to understand initially !

    It is not like a 'normal drawing' package or even other 3D packages i've used before!

    The annotation of view 3D views has taken me a long time to grasp - but with alternative views, also comes with the ability to move the selected item in any of the views, so for assemblies, multiple sections / directions can be 'live' - very good for visualisation / modification.

    Anyway, Yes, added curves placed in the 'drawing / drawing view 'do appear in the model under the ' curves folder'  - , renaming these ( or any important curves) does shorten the display list by only listing the 'renamed' - there are 'more curves' options to display if desired.

    it's important to realise the 'drawing' can also be a another important designing aid - and in some cases , totally brilliant - here i'm thinking assembly sections...

    So to your issue - symmetry lines are open to interpretation..., which features are defining the mid- line etc and to what accuracy are other features related to it? ( but simple in your case )...

    Usually, it's better to be simply explicit with dimensions like this...

    or this...

    Adding a line to imply symmetry would not update when the model changes !

    Drawing dimensions can drive the model - very handy when a size 13.21458 should be 13.2 exact  and isn't found until the detailing stage!




  • Tim Heeney

    There is probably another way...but it's a geometrical tolerance method to define symmetry of a feature relative to another feature ( usually between two 'features of size' ), for example, a slot in the middle of a shaft would be a typical / classical example or better a protrusion on a square to make it more difficult.

    I will have to experiment / study to understand the process....

  • Tim Heeney

    This is the usual ( generic - non standard specific )  way for defining accurate feature 'symmetry' for a manufacturing drawing.

    The drawing example shows 'mid plane' of a feature relative to the 'mid plane' of another feature...

    Hope this helps.

  • Markus Schraufstetter

    Thanks, but I can't quite figure out how you created the centerline for the 9.5mm oblong hole.

    Could you show this again in more detail?

  • Tim Heeney

    I'm cheating... it's unneccessary in truth.

    it's a hole center line with dragged ends...


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