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DSM 5.0 "Pull" freeze and crash problem



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    If there is no problem with the geometry prior to using the 'Pull' command ( checks for whole files, assemblies of components, individual bodies or even just a surface ) can quickly be done using 'Measure Tab > Inspect > Check Geometry' command...Lets assume it isn't this and geometry is OK.

    Next a support ticket should be raised ( at the moment i can't yet do this for you ),  please within it attach the log file of a the latest crash event using this utility ...


    Download the , double click ( ignore 'Dont Run' go to 'More Info' then 'Run anyway'...) copy / include it with support ticket request.

    Thanks - must be very annoying - was there any specific event that this behaviour occured at - has it only happened with the install of DSM V5?


  • Sylwester Mr

    Thank you for the quick reply .

    Support ticket sent. This is a fresh install, it works fine on another computer with RTX2060 and the same processor and system.


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