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Trouble cutting slits in a cup



  • Jacant

    select one of them and try to cut it through and it does it, but the others disappear That's OK

    Select all the internal faces of the Cut hole.

    Move it with the Create Pattern option.

  • Me Here

    Try "unpattern"ing the Pattern -- right-click the pattern container in the structure tree -- before cutting the slits.


    1. a pattern is one copy of the original, and many references to it.
    2. when you use a surface as a cutter to cut a hole, the cutter is thrown away once the hole is cut.
    3. Therefore, if you use one element of a pattern as a cutter, once that one hole is cut, that element disappears, and as all the other elements of the pattern are references to it, they disappear also.

    The better alternative -- as jacant suggests above -- is instead of replicating (patterning) the lines that define the cutter surface, use those lines (the surface they define) as a cutter to cut the first slot; and then replicate the slot.


  • Michael Gauthier

    Thank you both. I made a single slit and cut it through. Then I selected all 4 surfaces and patterned that around. Works fine. Thank you!


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