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No nets on imported components.



  • Tim Baker

    Update: I can create tracks, but only outside the PCB boundary.

    This software seems to have some issues.

    Any suggestions?

  • Richard Caldwell

    I might be wrong but you need a schematic to form the nets that PCB needs to work properly, no matter how simple the project is.

  • Tim Baker

    Thanks for that Richard.

    Maybe I misunderstand, but I'm under the impression from the various videos and support documentation that it's possible to skip the schematic and go straight to PCB. Perfect for me, that's all I need.

    I can draw tracks if I use components that are already in the library. I must be doing something wrong when I import the component from the RS website. 

    Maybe someone could help me to understand where I'm going wrong?


  • Brad Levy

    It is possible to do the PCB layout without a schematic.

    The message you are getting "Unable to add nets because there are no net classes in this design" would normally be due to not having selected a design technology file for the design. But I'd expect it would be independent of whether the component was out of the library or a downloaded component.

    Choose Settings > Design Technology from the menu, and make sure you have at least one net class defined.

    The supplied design technology files usually include these three net classes:
    You can add additional net class definitions as well.


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