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Very miner function key trouble happen after closing of Interaction bar by using own close button.



  • Boss .

    Mine works perfectly!

    Check you haven't got another application hijacking the F9 key such as a screen capture program

  • hideo koki

    Dear Boss.

    Thankyou for your comment.

    I checked it again and I noticed one point that it happen only the condition at selected tab of Goto. Another selected condition(Add Component & Component Bin) did not happen.

    As you noticed, it seems trouble of hijacking of function key.

    I attached screen capture that come out of pushing F4 key after F9 key trouble happen.

    Normally, F4 key does not have any function at using of DSPCB.

    However, during this trouble, F4 key has a function as incorrect.

    Best regards.


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