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A HP 7475A penplotter



  • Boss .

    I haven't tried this but it may be possible if you have a Windows driver that can be selected as a printer.
    Then set this as the default printer in Windows and from within DSPCB use Print to Windows.

    I could not find a printer driver in my quick search, but if you can already plot, then perhaps the above will work.

    For PCB's DSPCB does have the option to plot to a pen plotter and list this option in Help, but I have never investigated that option.


  • Frans van der Kooi

    Thanks for your reply.

    I do not know what or wich printer I should select. That is the problem and also I don't know who to ask which one to use. A printer is not a penplotter. The penplotter I have is the Roland DXF1150 and in Win XP I used the HP7475A driver.

    With regards Frans.


  • Boss .

    I haven't got a plotter to try out, but further searching shows this may not be possible as I could not find any Print to Plotter drivers that behave in a similar way to a Print to PDF driver.
    I found one company that for several hundred dollars appears to offer such a feature/driver but it was unclear as to whether it would work from any application or just specific ones.
    XP may offer some older solutions that Win10 will not support, so I can only suggest to keep looking, but at the end of the day plotters plot vectors so there may not be a solution unless you can find something to plot PDF files to the plotter or convert a PDF into a vector file. I haven't used it for many years but didn't CoralDraw convert image files to vectors?

    Perhaps someone else has some comments on this?

  • Boss .

    There is Roland forum where you may find some useful posts or can ask the question.
    Forums | Roland (


  • Frans van der Kooi

    ..thanks for your support Boss.

    Regards Frans.

  • Brad Levy

    Frans, do post if you find a solution.

    As near as I can tell from some quick searching, plotters are treated as printers under Windows. After Windows 8, Microsoft stopped including their sample plotter driver in the Windows developer's resources, though the knowledge base article I found made it sound like the Windows 8 version was probably still retrievable. There are some printer drivers in Windows 10 (if you select manual install and Windows Update in the printer installation to get the full list) that mention HPGL, but didn't see any for anything as old as the 7475A or DXY-1150. Ink jet printers have pretty much replaced the smaller (and even most of the larger) plotters in the marketplace, so it doesn't surprise me that Microsoft isn't encouraging development of new plotter drivers.

    While I haven't done extensive research, it appears some Windows 8 drivers will run under 10.  So if you can find a 7475A driver for Windows 8, you might be in luck using it for Windows 10.

    Realistically though, if you need B size output and color, the Epson 7710 inkjet printer can give you both for under $200 US, and would generally be faster and quieter than the Roland, as well as providing capabilities (bitmap printing, more colors, and a tabloid-sized scanner) well beyond the DXY-1150.

    (Many years ago, I actually developed plotter drivers as part of my job, but not under Windows.
    And I still have a Comscriber plotter tucked away somewhere. It long ago became hard to get pens for it, but now I could design and 3D-print my own pen adapter for it. But doing so would only be an exercise in nostalgia, since I do have the faster, crisper, quieter inkjet solution.)


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