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Arc format not working



  • Boss .

    Arcs can be a bit peculiar as you need to know the endpoint distance/spacing, how long is the straight track you are trying to convert? Plus you need a fiddle factor for a horse-shoe shape.....

    Using the arc radius to set for a straight line the limit is half the length of the line.

    If you select Arc and "angle free" you can then drag to a horse-shoe shape and then when you select radius it will remain a horse-shoe shape. I have tried to capture this in the image montage below. Both arcs have the same radius.


  • RadSolution

    Thanks Boss.

    With a bit of fiddling, trial-and-error, and luck, I got there ;-)

  • Boss .

    That's great, when I saw your post I recalled years ago having to find how to do it! But I can't remember why I wanted a horse-shoe shaped track :)


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