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How do you merge 2 symbols?



  • Richard Caldwell

    Why are you trying to merge them together?


    Using the Library Loader you can download a relay. Then just install the resulting file into your library manager.  Now the relay is ready to be inserted into your schematic.

    Here is an example what the library would look like after installing the downloaded file. Your relay might be diffaneted then mine but the process is the same.

  • Tony Hudson

    I want to use the schematic with the coil and single contact, so that when I convert to PCB that I get the PCB symbol that I have carefully drawn to the correct device.

     I have got around it by deleting the wrong symbol in the PCB and adding the correct PCB symbol which I had created linked to a partial relay symbol (only the coil can be added to the design, there was no way that I could see to add the contact part, as in the symbol list in the wizard the coil and the contacts are separate items).

     I hope you can understand my explaination? I can send some pictures if it helps.

  • Richard Caldwell

    I do not understand why you want to go this route when you can download a relay with all the info.


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