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4 and 3 way track intersections



  • Boss .

    I have never applied a chamfer to 90 degree connections and it is not supported directly in DSPCB.
    Others may contribute a different view, but I'm of the opinion that this evolved in the 'old days' of PCB manufacturing where you were likely to get acid traps and over etching in the corners.

    If you are working on high frequency designs then a right angle bend in a track is best avoided and to use a chamfer/curve as you route, but that's a different issue.

    If you want to add a chamfer to the junctions you will have to add extra short tracks manually as far as I'm aware.


  • gw1500se

    Thanks but I tried that. I get an error that the net connection already exists. If the agreement is that right angles are OK then I won't worry about it. Two of my tracks are +5V and ground. The 3rd is 1wire signal which I don't think would be considered high frequency as it is digital.

  • Boss .

    Hopefully, someone else will express an opinion on this, but just so you are aware the error message can be turned off as dual tracks are useful for high current nets where you duplicate the tracks top and bottom to share the current load.

    Go to Settings - Preferences and check this box.


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