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Pull not works



  • Tim Heeney

    A better way to work is to make the plate first, then make a single hole ( hexagon) and pattern this hole first in an X direction, then select the pattern and pattern it in the Y direction.

    However, it still takes some time my pc is 6 y/old, E5-1660v2 so not very fast. The gif is real time.

    The pattern has properties which can be altered or interact directly with the on screen dialogue boxes - this may freeze ( black out) the screen for 30s ~1 mins or so... time taken is very dependent upon the number and complexity of the holes.

  • Tim Heeney

    In your pattern example, start with a pair spacing and make pair spacing single axis line.

    Select this and pattern in other direction.

    Gif below used 'redo' to reduce recording time.

  • Tim Heeney

    If wanting to move the pattern , say away from the edge the normal move operation works OK, but takes some time ~ 1 minute on this type of pattern.

    Another way is to move the plate edges ( this example is 4 sides only ) to effectively do the same thing but much faster.

    Patterning is data heavy because all those hexagons are parametrically linked to each other. Change the position of a single hexagon face and all others will replicate / duplicate.

  • Stefan Richter

    Hi Tim,

    many thanks for Your fast answer and the useful hints. 

    So the grid is ready now, it has 1,129 hexholes. The calculation times were rising from row of holes to the next, but no longer than one minute and DS didn´t stop work.

    A Merry Christmas and happy New Year!


  • Tim Heeney

    Well done...

    Staggered patterns aren't easy.

    Working in components is a good method to keep files responsive.

    F9 key for performance report if interested.


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