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CPU usage up to 20% even if nothing happens



  • Tim Heeney

    I can't speculate about your tablet - all i can talk about is what my pc does.

    My pc has intel E5-1660 v2 64 GB ram 1860Mhz - a good spec 7 years ago.

    Doing nothing and curser outside of application window, minimum cpu usage is 0.2%.

    Select a line / face / part and usage increases to 7~8%

    Use another program and usage drops again to 0.2%

    As an observation - there appears 2 Firefox browser running with a combined cpu usage of >10%

    Mine is at 0%.

    This could be another issue perhaps.

  • Nils Rottgardt

    Hi Tim,

    it is a i5 8365 Windows 10 Tablet with 16Gb Ram and SDD. And I now got the is the "Start Page". The "Start Page" constantly consuming CPU power in that height. If I close the tab the issue is gone. Is it possible to deactivate it and perhaps can you cross-check. Will open a ticket for that if you see the same behaviour.



  • Tim Heeney


    Quite interesting...

    Mousing over any where within DSM ( even an empty screen !) causes nearly as much cpu activity as moving / selection etc. which seems extreme... other cad programs also register some cpu usage in mousing an empty screen, however, an order of magnitude less than DSM !

    Nothing to do with 'Power Selection' in options.

    'Start Page' - Yes, i agree it's cpu consumptive, even doing nothing - it should be closed down.

    I'll make a report - i'm not aware of why, mousing an empty DSM screen, causes heavy cpu activity.

    Edit: reported.


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