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Can't open file by file name



  • Tim Heeney


    I 'm trying to understand what 'DDHouse V2' has to do with this story...

    I suggest you try out your method / file naming of importing files etc with very simple basic parts to see if you can duplicate what has happened and establish a working procedure.

    'Help' may offer some advice on file importation operations.

    Here's one i did earlier...

  • Jacant

    It definitely has something to do with 'Internal and External Components' . If you Import the file as an 'External Component'. Then delete the imported file, then it will not load when you try to open the first file.  The other problem may be if you 'Imported' the file then copied and pasted it. It may become part of an existing Component. This may make the Component into an 'Assembly' the icon will change to show this. The Imported file will be a 'Subassembly' Now when you delete the file that was imported, it will be missing from the 'Assembly' in the first file.

    It's a bit confusing. I would recommend reading all about Components.

    So it is best to just select the 'Solid' within the component to copy and paste from one file to another.


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