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print it on diferent sheets.



  • Tim Heeney

    Do you have the Drawing Module paid for add-on ?

    I do not know of an automatic way to sub divide exactly a large something ( model views with dimension annotations?) into exact smaller somethings that can all be joined up.

    Maybe someone else does...


  • Tim Heeney

    This is a guess - you need to find a repeatable scale that can be repeatably positioned.

    Try making a component ( or many ) of an A4 sheet size printing area for your printer.

    To help, make it 20 ~30% transparant to see your print views /objects.

    Fit the A4 print size component, side by side and aligned all over your full size you want printed.

    Select one print size component, then key ' z ' ( this zooms automatically to fit that size )

    Hide it or all, showing only the desired print articles.

    Print that 'size' / 1:1 ratio - repeat process for next view. Cut and paste.


    This is a method from my mind - i do not know your printer...




  • Johnny Soyez

    Thanks, this was helpfull. It Works.

    Sorry I am from Germany and my Englisch is not so good.


  • Tim Heeney

    Great, i'm very pleased - nice looking boat !


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