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Noob - Design Rule Errors



  • Boss .

    Hi GW, I think you need to provide more info, what are the setting you are trying to set for the pad copper and hole in the Library Manager footprint editor?

    The errors are described in Help.
    Briefly the key points are:

    Component to Board means the component is too close to the board edge according to your design rules, but these are 'checks' so if it is connector that overlaps the board edge, then just ignore.

    Track to drill hole is a "Backoff" error, search for that in help. It basically means the pad size is too small for the connecting track not to cover the hole, just uncheck this check as the board will not be produced by a photoplotter.

    Via to silkscreen error means the silkscreen is being printed over a via, again it is just a 'check' ignore if you are happy with the result.

    DRC's should be done progressively so you are not overwhelmed by the number of reports. Once you are OK by accepting what is reported or by adjusting the layout just uncheck that option.


  • gw1500se

    Thanks for the reply. I have some work to do but I may be back.


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