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How to add Sheet name to a text field?



  • Tim Heeney


    Text notes can have 'Fields' added to them...

    I'm going through them for an understanding what is or isn't


  • Tim Heeney


    Some of this may help you. I've very recently got the Drawing module - there's much to learn.

  • Jan Kirchner

    Hi Tim,

    Thank you for the answer and the nice description.

    I already know all the fields and I'm usin them in the dreawing. But the Filename can not be used instead of the drawing name unfortunately. Each project file can have multiple drawings (drawing sheets) therefore it would be nice to have a new field for the name of the drawing sheet (the system described works only in case you have just 1 drawing in the file).

    At the moment I name the Drawings manually... (text field).

  • Tim Heeney

    Hi Jan.

    There's always differences in approaches.

    So in your 'master file' , there are multiple components with a drawing but multiple sheets, each with a different name typed manually. Each sheet depicts a different part by not displaying any unwanted parts.

    Although everything is all contained in a master file - so, getting to all the models/drawings is easy, i wonder how revision is controlled ?

    I think you've more experience with DSM than me...but as an example of 'control', ( explained for others hopefully ( but probably not ) reading this), this design below was created as just 3 components, then individual comps were opened ( open as component ) , then 'saved as' separate file etc.then added it's own detail drawing - as you know, the owning assembly file then swops it's component to an imported component ( but not importing the drawing), referencing it's geometry only - keeping file sizes small.

    Agreed there's much opening / closing of files with my method described but DSM is very fast at opening / closing.

    if i discover another way or i can add anything, i'll come back here,,,


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