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11 pin round relay wiring dwg



  • DesignSpark Mechanical


    You can find a lot of symbols as DWG files from the online library in DSE. Open DesignSpark Electrical-> any project -> Library -> Manufacturer parts manager -> Online content.

    Use the search bar to find 11 pin relays specific to your application. Pick a product and a download type (DWG for quick use). 
    Back inside the software, go to Library -> Symbols manager -> Import DWG files -> pick a class to put the symbol in. It should then be available to insert into any of your schematics.

    Watch this video to understand the 'symbols manager' in DSE: 


    when I import the 11 pin round 24v dc relay the drawing is just the picture of the relay its self and not of the electrical contacts to add to the wiring diagram am I downloading the wrong DWG. as none seem to have the (com. no. / nc. ) switch contacts in the drawings.  


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