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Schematic Technology File Reference Designator, Text and other styles?



  • Boss .

    Fonts for Windows 10 are stored in C:\Windows\Fonts (but there are variations with fonts from the store, but I don't think that's relevant to this) so if you place a TTF there and I resume compatible with Windows it should come up as an option to use in DSPCB.

    If a PCB design uses a font that cannot be found it will display a message and substitute another font.

    From the Design Technology <Text Styles> change the font to the required font by double clicking on the current font and selecting from the pull-down menu.

    As a warning, if you send your design to be manufactured you will also have to send the TTF or they will substitute for a standard Windows font.

    Your comment on not using DSPCB on several computers is wrong, you can have on several machines and use all at once if you require. Each would have been activated with its own code on your account and you are allowed about 6 activations.


  • Christopher Williams


    About 16 years ago I designed some single & double–sided PCBs for a work project using an obsolete British EDA called "Electronics Design Studio", and this had PCBs silk screened in "New Century Gothic" TTF and is was not necessary to send any TTF with the Gerber Files, but I have no problems with sending the TTF is necessary!

    I know how to actually change the style but I'm not sure where the variables for the reference, component value, extra info, and the other data I'd like to include on schematics, etc., are actually used in DS and what they're referred to as – they're marked as "R" and "V" on the library preview schematic symbols, but what dialog are they accessed from?


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