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DS PCB keeps making a mess of my diagrams!!!



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    DesignSpark PCB

    This is controlled from [Settings], [Preferences], 'Display' tab, 'Draw empty Values' option.

    The reason for the empty values option is that it's possible to block all text from a component reference - then you can't find it.  
    If you've only got a reference string set to show values, then disable all values at component level, you've got a null string that you need to be able to find.

    It is also a global value so once set will remain at its current setting until changed again.

    Also note that this is saved in the registry and Windows may not update the setting until DSPCB is restarted.

  • Boss .

    It's difficult to say without the design file. Is the mess you are referring to the <?>, which implies you are trying to display something that is not defined as the component attribute/ values.
    What is the source of the components, i.e. PPL or a supplied library?

    As for component values they are defined by the library. DSPCB uses a component for each value as it will have a different part number and will cause errors in the BOM if it did not.

    Provide say the resistor details you used and I'll explore.


  • Christopher Williams



    The design isn't confidential in any way - how do I submit it for examination with the *.ssl files I used?

    Yes my query referred to all the "< ? >" marks appearing all over the resistors! I have already tried to define the resistor values three times in the diagram excerpt I posted, but both the ref/value positions kept jumping back to being 90 degrees out, not immediately but sometimes after 3-4 hours work, with all the "< ? >" marks appearing on both the "value" and "pin number" fields, at the same time.

    I set the component properties to hide the "pin names" and "pin numbers" as is good practice with any finished diagram!

    I do have a previous piece of work I can submit for examination that is free of this defect!

  • Boss .

    As this is occurring at some random point in time I suggest you send the designs to support for assistance.

    I have never seen anything similar reported on the forum, so send as much info and screen captures etc as possible.


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