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Tappered Tube



  • Jacant

    How far apart are the ends? How much of a curve?   ....create a curved tube between to points...

    What is the angle of the join? ....I need ti merge them at the same point. (Two into one)...

    What is the thickness of the tube?

    An image would be good.

    You would first draw the required curve. Then draw the circles at each end of the curve 'perpendicular' to the end points. Pull the circles with the 'Blend' option, using the 'Sweep / Select Centerline' option to follow the curve. Copy and paste the solid. Move the new solid to the position where they should join. Combine/Join the two solids. Use the 'Shell' tool to create a 'tube' selecting each of the three end surfaces.

    You may find this helpful. 

  • Tim Heeney

    Agree with Jacant.

    Nonetheless, i went ahead in V5 using the Constraint sketcher.

    Perhaps i found a bug - anyways, here's my result...

    Copied through 180, joined - not the best / smoothest of joins but the two halves are  tangent.

    Please specify what you're requiring - depending upom your requirement, they're some methods that need following...


  • Jacant

    Following the instructions in the link provided above, it will be easier as the 'blend' would be tangent to the surfaces of the solids created by the circles.



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