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  • Kenneth Schweim

    I just eliminated the sketch constraints (with restart) to see if that was causing the problem but I still can't get it to work


  • Jacant

    Make sure that you select all of the faces of the 'gear tooth'. Start to drag until you have at least 3 copies showing.

    Nothing has changed between V4 and V5

  • tab...


    it's subtle but there are changes.

    Firstly in V5 Consraint Sketcher, 2D patterns have to be created manually, so each new position has to be ctrl entered - so it takes a few seconds more. In 3D, it works similar to V4 but with a subtle improvement - it seems to function better - sorry but i now can't remember how it worked then but now it's strangely slicker...

    Hmm, i tried a single solid gear tooth of 10 degs spacing - if entering 10.0001 degs - all good making another solid tooth - but, entering 10 deg exactly i.e, no material between the tooth spacing remaining and it failed to make another solid tooth !

    So make the tooth a separate body, then pattern at 10 degs ( all fine) , then combine the Body + Pattern (after any necessary efficient pattern alterations) I did it in the Structure Browser, just clicking the pattern item once - all worked fine.

    There is an option not to work with the Constraint Sketcher, instead using 2D exactly as it was in V4including the making of patterns - this is invoked in options>advanced and uncheck the Constraint Sketcher.


    Hope all is clear - sorry for rambling a little.


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