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Creating Gerbers and Drill File with slotted, plated holes and V-scoring



  • Jayx .

    Hi Eugene,

    I've used Elecrow in the past, but the same should apply to JLCPCB. Slots outline should be drawn on the mechanical layer (the same as PCB outline). For plated slots, I've had a pad on both side of the PCB and a normal round drill hole in the centre of the slot, plus the outline. For not plated slots I've had just a slot outline on the mechanical layer. I think Excellon format allows for a slots to be defined, but I don't think it's supported by DSPCB and PCB fabricators usually don't want it. 

  • Eugene Yurk

    I did talk to JLCPCB tech support and got some information back from them today but they failed to tell me what layer they want the slot milling on.

    What they showed is an oval pad and then a smaller oval pad inside (the milling - its not square on the ends, obviously and it looks like they don't want an outline rectangle).  They didn't show a hole dead center of the oval pad thats the same diameter as the width of the slot as you say. They did state that they require a minimum 0.2mm annular ring around the slot.

    Honestly, I can't see HOW the hole would cause issues.  It just ties things together to further indicate the milled slot is part of a plated pad.

    I actually found what JLCPCB said (other than for the drill hole) on the OHSPark web site showing how to make a plated slot here:

    Scroll down to the "Plated slots in Footprints" section.  As I'd said, minus the drill hole, thats the example JLCPCB sent me.

    I did ask JLCPCB for some clarification so we'll see what they say.

    They did want the milling information for the plated slots in the drill file.  Even though excellon supports it now, DSPCB can't generate it from what I've been told by tech support for DSPCB.  Apparently DSPCB Pro can but I don't have a copy of that. But then, not all PCB CAD packages can generate milling data in drill files so JLCPCB has to accept another format. A nice, pointed comment with the job sure wouldn't hurt any and for sure there will be one.

    Obviously this is the first time I've had to do a plated slot.  What surprised me is that even with how popular a fab house JLCPCB is and even seeing some youtube videos from people who've done plated slots with JLCPCB, no one seems to talk about how to do it.



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