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Component to board error



  • Boss .

    Component to board errors are from the PCB check. It examines how close the component body is to the edge of the board. The value is set in the Design Technology "Spacings" table.
    Yes, it is a "warning" for you to check it is acceptable. Components such as connectors, switches, LED's etc that are required to pass over the board edge will trigger these warnings and can be ignored.

    This is a good article and shows the basics of component spacing as well as more advanced options.

    3D View is a completely separate tool and just attempts a 3D render of the design. It is a useful visual aid to appreciate the layout but is not part of the design checks. 

  • Brian Keen

    Although it's not responsible for the 'Component to board' error, if the component pins are not shown going through the board for a particular component in 3D view this may be down to the Pin Length, Offset and Standoff parameters defined under 'Edit 3D Package' for the component. They can be modified something like this:-

    Library Manager->3D View.

    Select the component, then 'Edit'.

    Adjust the 'Standoff' parameter under 'Package Definition' and the 'Length' and 'Offset' parameters under 'Pins' until the pins are seen to protrude through the board on the 3D preview for the component symbol.




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