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Bridge Rectifier 4-Pin D 34



  • Boss .

    Performing measurements with a meter and comparing with published data can be tricky. The problem is as you will be aware the voltage vs current is a curve, so when you test with a meter it will be at a far lower current than the rated current and hence a different resistance will result.  The use of a general-purpose multimeter is good for a basic test as a diode and identifying the terminals but not much more.

  • Michael Harvey

    Boss is right. Another option is to use a power supply (say 12v) and a light bulb (12v of course, say 5 watt. Do your Ohms law and P=VI). Current will flow in one direction and not the other, thus it is a diode. Diodes are (basically) rated as the amount of reverse voltage it can withstand without conducting. And rated by the amount of current it can conduct when forward biased. Too much current equals get hot and smoke.



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