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how to copy circuit (sch and pcb)



  • Boss .

    If I understand your question then unfortunately it is not supported in DSPCB.

    If you copy and paste an area of PCB then you can get the copper layout, BUT the schematic will no longer match the PCB as the part references will be wrong.

    Explore with a test design using a few components to see if anything will assist?

    For a multichannel temperature logger, I created one channel in the sch and did copy and paste for the next channels (you have to select "no" somewhere to avoid all the nets being interconnected). Then Translate to PCB and visually layout the channels and tracks to be the same. It doesn't take long to visually duplicate the tracks especially with the appropriate grid setting.

    Obviously this method is best as it keeps the schematic and PCB the same/in sync and allowing the DRC's to be done.

  • Naotaka Matsui

    Thank you for your kind answer.

    I understand it is not supported to copy and paste the pattern at PCB mode.

    I will try your method !


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