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"Stable" release




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    DesignSpark Mechanical

    You shouldn't get the maximum activations warning anymore. We've increased the limit of DSM copies on your profile.

    Regarding the 'DSM can't be upgraded.." message, can you send us a log file from the most recent session where this happened? The logs are all in this folder: %AppData%\SpaceClaim\Log Files

    Just paste it into Windows Explorer and it'll load the correct folder. Send us the ones starting with 'SpaceClaim...'

  • tab...


    That you have lost work is terrible.

    All i can say is i made many parts in the V5 Beta and everything changing to V5 release all worked well - all the V5 Beta parts are loading and saving without problems.

    I did not have the complications of additional modules etc.

    I say again, that changing to the stable V5 has lost you work is terrible.


  • luis magar

    Dear DSM team,

    Thank you very much for your prompt reply and solution. I just got home and was able to log without problems into V5.
    I opened a file and I haven't received any warning messages until now so I guess everything is OK.

    Many, many, thanks again, for the amazing software and for the help.

  • luis magar


    Everything is ok, thank you.


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