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Designspark mechanical performance issues



  • DesignSpark Mechanical

    Have you kept your PC on hibernate or sleep to resume sessions over a few days? It could be that more VRAM is being used by other applications and DSM has very little for its rendering tasks. A restart should clear that issue.

    I have one of my old laptops running DSM v5.0 with an i5 (Haswell gen), integrated Intel HD graphics and have no issues working with new designs. My renderer is set to OpenGL and quality setting is 5.

  • Tim McDowell

    It seems that the issue was being caused by enabling "Constraint based Sketching", as soon as i disabled that new feature it started working fine again.

  • tab...

    Hi Tim.

    Not found any difference between enabling and not enabling 'Constraint Sketching'

    E5-1660 v2, Nvidia Quadro K4000 ( 7 y/o card)  - although it's only OpenGL 4.4, not 4.5 req'd for V5.

    How odd...

  • Josef Lang

    Hello Forum, Hello Tim McDowell
    same problem with DSM5.

    Thanks to Tim McDowell for the tip on how to turn off constraint sketching.

    Now again as fast as before.

    The question is why is this not a problem for all users?


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