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Where to find parts?



  • Jacant

    In the newest version of DSM the file structure has changed.

    From the link on this page 

    Download the DSM tutorial - file You will need to right click on the zip file to Extract it.

    Following the video 'Insert File' - 'Pick All Files' from the drop down menu at the bottom of the Open dialogue window - Open the IDF.IDB file.

  • Rick Duley

    Hi Jacant

    I have found that one file but that is only useful for that one exercise.  I want to be able to import models into any drawing.

    I start with File --> New --> Design then LMC on

    which gets me to

    which gets me to a dialog with a long list of suppliers across the top.  The typeface in this dialog is so small I need a magnifying glass to see if there is anything there at all!  If I click on FESTO (for example) I get taken to a FESTO page and LMC on the top left item to get

    and the issue now becomes, "What now?" 

    How do I get this item back into my design?



  • Jacant

    The problem is that Windows now only uses Microsoft Edge. I personally do not have Jave installed.

    The way around this is to copy the link on the 'Download 3D Models' page. paste it into Microsoft Edge Find the part you want and use the 'Download for later use' button. Unzip the downloaded file and open it in DSM. If you have Java installed then just use the 'Insert into my Drawing now' button.

    If you decide to use a different browser you will be asked to sign on.

  • Rick Duley

    What a schmozzle!

    I have Edge by default and Java of necessity.  I can get things - but what a long way round!

    You wind up doing a download from a third-party site 

    And this is the 21st century!


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