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Problem reading Technology file


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  • robert palma

    Hmmmmm ............


    Well, now I seem to have it working, but not sure how/why.


    As I kept "poking" at the problem, I decided to add another,  default.ptf   to the directory in question.

    Then using the drop down selector within the Settings | Technology Transfer dialog box, I selected the newly added, default.ptf.

    Then the pads all appeared in the "Pad Styles in Technology File".

    I went back to my  default72.ptf, and now that started working as well.


    This morning I checked it again.

    No pads for   default.ptf

    So using the drop down (as described above) I selected,   default72.ptf

    And now they both work.


    Don't really know what is going on, but I seem to be back in business.





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