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Mirror - more of a useful symmetric tool - common examples...



  • Georg Schlenk

    I think you're not the only one who'd like to have this tool in DSmechanical...

  • tab...

    Hi Georg,

    Yes, it took me a while to figure out a good working method in DSM to do the above.

    I'm firmly of the opinion that mirroring ( making a actual 'mirrored part') unless totally essential, is an admission of inefficient design....sure it may be necessary.

    Yes, i'd love to have the mirror command to help me in symmetric parts and of course, in the rare case of a necessary mirrored component.

  • Markus Schraufstetter

    Please push this feature request so that the tool may be integrated in the future:

  • tab...

    Hello Markus,

    I see you and I have voted for 'Mirror Tool' under the 'New Feature Request' - that's the most influence i have. It has more votes than an other request at a total of 6 (!) in 3 years - this sadly implies customer commitment to DSM isn't there. In Ansys Discovery Essentials aka Spaceclaim , Mirror is there. Needing the Mirror function is one reason to rent / buy the upgrade.

    Yes it would be of big benefit - It's my view that symmetric parts and not mirrored parts are of a bigger importance though and those are fairly possible as in the immediate example above - the wireframe display is very clear what's going on yes? Designing it was initially inefficient and it took quite some time experimenting / determining working rules. Would you like to know.

    The Mirror feature would also help in symmetry so i'll always want it.


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