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Cannot create Component with DSPCB 9.0.2



  • Brad Levy

    Robert, I'm guessing it is a problem with the schematic symbol's definition. Notice in the last screenshot it says Pins: 0 for the diode symbol. Was this an existing symbol, or did you draw it? If you drew it, you probably neglected to add a pad on the schematic symbol for each pin. These define the actual "connection points" on the symbol for wires to connect to, and their pin numbers are used (along with the mapping table in the component definition and the pin numbers of the PCB symbol) to match up what goes where in the translation from schematic to PCB. Just putting text (1 C 2 A) on the symbol doesn't carry meaning to the program. Unless you have turned off display of terminals (via the Settings tab of the Colors dialog), you will see an indicator (usually an x) at each Pin (pad) location on the schematic symbol:

    Also, on your PCB symbol, be aware that if you are planning on automated assembly, usually the standard for SMD parts is for the symbol's reference point to be the center of the body, not pin 1, and for pin 1 to be on the left in the non-rotated orientation.

    You could also save yourself some time by using the Library Loader to find and download the definition for components from the online library. The NSI45020AT1G is available in the library, and the library symbols already conform to standard orientation norms, which means you can use built-in report-generation capabilities of DS PCB to output the orientation/location info needed for automated assembly.

    You can find info on using the Library Loader at

  • robert palma

    Hey Brad,

    As always, you nailed it.

    It has been 2 years since I created any parts and it was a MAJOR goof on my part during schematic symbol creation to completely forget the pin placements.

    I did not know about the centering of the origin of the parts for automated placement .... very good to know.

    For the most part, I have not searched the library for parts because in the early days of my using DSPCB I did not like the PCB symbols. I tend to make the pads bigger than is typical in the library and I do that to allow for rework without agony.

    Anyway .... you're the greatest.

    You and Boss always solve any issue that I have had.

    All the Best,





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