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Design Spark crashes - any progress?



  • Brad Levy

    Hi Stephen,

    I used to get those, then it seemed fixed for a while (a release or two), then they re-appeared.

    I've been told relatively few users experience this problem, which has made it hard to diagnose.

    On the other hand, there is a workaround which works 100% of the time for me, when I remember to use it.

    I only seem to get crashes when going to output manufacturing plots (or edit plot settings) after already having output the plots once in the current session. So now I save my work before outputting the manufacturing plots, and exit the program after outputting the plots. Then I start the program again. As long as I do the exit-and-start-the-program-again after outputting the plots, I never get a crash trying to output the plots. Having to use the workaround is an annoyance, but a minor one.


  • Stephen Hughes

    Hi Brad,

      I think that's a good habit to get in to, make sure everything is saved and possibly even restart the program before doing an output - that way it means anything you've forgotten to save will be highlighted.

      However, I may have just found the cause...

      I'm working on some panels, for that I set up a new 'outline' layer rather than using the board outline. However, I was using some board outlines to create some plated slots. I was experimenting with something else and tried deleting those outlines. It didn't fix the problem I was looking at, however DSPCB now isn't crashing when I output the plots....

      So, if the devs want a starting point for where to look, it could be the board outline which is causing this crash.

  • Brad Levy

    You may want to submit that info to support. You can use the Submit a request link at the top of this web page. I'm just another user. I know the next update is focused on bug cleanup more than adding features.





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