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  • Boss .

    Yes, this is correct, it is your copper pour outline and the same colour as the layer the copper will be poured on to avoid confusion.

    When new to the copper pour function this can on first use appear confusing and you can change its colour, but then you lose the visual link to the actual layer.

    Some pointers:

    1. DO NOT delete the pour outline, this will cause problems for any future editing.

    2. DO NOT set the copper pour outline line styles to less than the minimum track width that the manufacturer specifies for the price of the board service being ordered.

    3. DO check everything in a Gerber viewer to ensure all is correct before manufacture. And use the PDF print as a quick check during the design process, if you do that now you will see the pour outline is not present. 

  • Stephen Hughes

    It's a shame it isn't set this way as standard, but to help avoid this confusion you can change this in the View > Colours menu. On the 'Layers and Layer Spans' menu you can change the 'pour area' colours for the copper layers. I tend to use a shade of the same colour, that way it is obvious as being the same layer but you can distinguish the pour outline from any other copper on that layer.


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