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Another LIB Problem



  • DesignSpark PCB

    Hello Richard,please create a support ticket and send as much details as possible and send the support  information file (use shortcut Alt+S, click report and generate a Notepad file which you can  attach to the ticket.

    I do not have the same library structure so do not see this error, did you have a library folder "Misc" in a previous version? It may be it reports the folder name if it cannot find it, however support will investigate with you.

  • Richard Caldwell


    Just send info to support.


  • Brad Levy

    Hi Richard,

    I don't know if support found an answer for you or not. If they did, I'm curious what the cause was (so I know what note to do for future reference ;-) ). But I noticed one possible source of the problem. It looks like the component name for the diode includes [SMC] at the end of the name. According to the built-in help (under Character Restrictions:)

    • The following characters are also illegal in net names, symbol and component names, and signal names within components. Component values use the colon as a separator, so this is not permitted in the value or value name itself. The equivalent decimal value of each character is quoted in brackets:
      '“ (34), # (35), ' (39), * (42), comma (44), . (46), / (49), : (58), = (61), @ (64), [ (91), \ (92), ] (93), ' (96), | (124), ~ (126).

    So the [ and ] in your component name are illegal, and might be causing DS PCB to get confused. Just a possibility.

    On a related note, the release info for version 8.1 says (under new features):

    • Components in a design can now be named using more than just alphanumeric characters. Up to now, you had to name them with alphabetic first and alphanumeric for the rest. Now it will allow you to use alphanumeric anywhere, plus any of the following, in any order:
      - _ $ £ & + = ! @ # ~ \ /
      Note: only use these special characters if you are fully aware of the implications of doing so.

    So the characters  - _ = @ # ~ \  / are now legal, though the help entry hasn't caught up to the change. But [ and ] are still illegal.


  • Paul Britton

    What does 
    "Note: only use these special characters if you are fully aware of the implications of doing so."
    actually mean?

    If they are in names in an imported component or symbol, if they are valid, then there should be no implication in using them.

  • Brad Levy

    Paul, while I don't know for sure what they had in mind with the statement about being aware of the implications. But one possibility is implications beyond DS PCB. For example, in BOM reports (which you might be bringing in to other software with different rules for special characters), other reports, or if components will be imported into another program.  Other programs processing the BOM or importing components might have difficulty with the characters even if DS PCB doesn't.

  • Giacomo Tasselli

    Well, I agree. It is for all that you have told in these posts that I have built a personal library and use only the symbols and components that are in there.
    What is so well defined and known are the limits of the special characters, the dimensions of the holes and the texts, the origins, the scale, the interface problems with the mechanical cad, the export of the bom etc ..!

    Thank you all for the information


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