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Ability to connect 2 nets (i.e. Signal GND and Power GND)



  • Boss .

    That would be a nice feature, my  work  has involved High power circuits so I quite like the 0V link approach. I often use a low power 'sacrificial' resistor to ensure if the power ground becomes high impedance current doesn't flow back through the thin tracks and wires to the supply, but that's just my application area. I would find it  useful for a common point between analog and digital  grounds. After doing the routing (to avoid confusion) you can common the grounds and add test to identify the grounds but a multi-net junction would be the ideal solution.

  • Zhivko Zivkovic

    Anything new - can we get some feedback from project management of designspark if  this change request can get into next version?

    I would love to be beta tester if necessary.



  • DesignSpark PCB

    All requests and possible options are considered at review time. V9.0 is not being discussed at present as we are finalising V8.1.1 for release.


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