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Easy way to mate parts?



  • Georg Schlenk

    Hi Bill, I made a video which will - at least I hope so - solve your problem. Here's the url:

    I hope you can watch it and it helps.


  • Jacant

    Position the 'Move Handle' with the help of the 'Anchor', 'Move Direction', 'Orient to Object' and the 'Up To' icons.

  • Bill Marriott

    Georg's video was a big help in solving this without nudging and recheck

    Here is the sequence to stack the two cubes perfectly:

    1. Select upper  cube 
    2. Move
    3. Set Anchor to top corner of the upper cube
    4. If anchor directions are not perpendicular to face then click Move Direction and select a face of the same cube.
    5. Move Direction on another face so arrows are now perpendicular in all axis
    6. Select Up( or down) arrow
    7. Click Orient to Object and then click a vertical ('ish') edge of the other cube.
    8. Cubes should now be the same vertical angle but may be twisted horizontally.
    9. Select a horizontal arrow 
    10. Click Orient to Object and then click a horizontal( 'ish') edge of the other cube.
    11. Cubes should now be the same twist  in Z but will be off in X and Y
    12. Draw an X on top of lower cube with construction lines so you can see a center point.
    13. Move
    14. Select top cube
    15. Set anchor to center of lower face
    16. Again adjust arrows to be perpendicular to face and sides using Move Direction
    17. Click the small cube joining the arrows to turn it into a sphere
    18. Click Up To, then the center triangle of the construction lines on the other cube.
    19.  The sphere then mates with the center point perfectly



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