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Creating / Editing 3D for Components



  • Brad Levy

    I haven't had any problems with the 3D height - but the key is that it is controlled by the Height property value of the component, as specified in the library component editor or added/modified in the PCB editor (not the 3D settings, sets things like lead length and offset from board).

    For example, Height=20.2mm
    It is best to include the units explicitly in the Height value. That avoids issues like the package showing up as 5 mils thick instead of 5 mm thick, or vice-versa.

    Note: Ability to specify the units with size measurements is really handy, and many users may not realize it is there. You can use it when specifying offsets when moving components, for example. In those cases, DS PCB will do the unit conversion immediately and display the offset converted to the current units for the drawing (but without appending the unit of measure after the converted value). If your board is mils, and you need to move a component over by 5.28mm, you don't need a calculator - just enter 5.28mm in the offset field, and DS PCB will move it by 207.8 mils.


  • Peter Sarro

    Yes, I have also seen that;  Seems to depend on the particular component.  

  • Jayx .

    That’s excellent tip Brad, I didn’t know unit can be specified when the value is entered manually.

    Back to the height in 3D, I didn’t know it will use height parameter from the component spec. Actually for all my own 3D models I’ve used height specified in 3D models and it seems to work fine (I don’t have anything for height in the component library).

    I think how it actually works is that you can specify height in 3D model library, and it will be used if there is nothing specified in the component library. However if there is, height from the component library override 3D model setting.

  • Ivo Rüegg

    I got the same issue as Peter regarding the import of 3D models. Unfortunately his questions are not answered yet.

    Is there a possibility to import any kind of 3D model into DSPCB (e.g. STEP)? has a huge library with 3D models for components which are free to download in several different file formats but I couldn't find a way to import these so far. Any ideas?

  • RadSolution

    I too would like a little more control over the 3D rendered shapes - for example disc ceramic capacitors can't be modelled.

    I use the 'bead' shape, but that is too 'fat'.


    I've also found an issue when components are placed on the 'back' of the PCB - sometimes the rendering is wrong.

    7-Segment LEDs for example.


    +10 points for the units tip!

  • Jim Melser

    I was experiencing a bug where the part (just a 6 pin header) was showing up much taller than it should have (inches tall) even thought i tried editing the height in the tools "3D editor" it never showed up correctly. Has anyone one else seen this?


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