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DXF Import




  • Jacant

    It would be ideal to have this added.

    In the meantime it can be done. You will need a copy of 'Freecad'

    Open a new file in Freecad.

    File - Import - DXF.

    Edit - Select All - File - Export - Save as Type - Step.

    Open the Step file in DSM. A warning box will appear stating that the file will be read only. It will not be locked because it is only 2D.

    The file will open with many  'Polyline Components'

    Go to 3D mode - Select all of the 'Curves' with a crossing box selection.


    Select the first and the last 'Components' in the Structure tree using the Shift key - Delete.

    Go to 2D Mode.


  • Michael Kearney

    DSM can "save as" file format *.dxf, but can't open this file format. Please consider making this feature available without the need for a work around. Drawing Exchange Format (dxf) is a basic format and their should be no compromise. As DSM can save in this format it should not be difficult for developers to open this format directly.

  • Charles Erwin

    Yes!!! Please add the import DXF. Even the simplest cad packages do this.

    Tried the freecad method and the text was missing. Was it something I did wrong?

    It would be a pain to redraw an existing drawing that I want bring in to DS.

    Is there a "level" one can purchase that does this?

  • Harald Sattmann

    Please add support for importing and exporting of all available file formats. I mean if there is an exprt filter add also the input filter. As above for .DXF

  • Alex McDaniel

    Is anyone able to import DXF to date? The DSM website says you can "Import & Export industry standard file formats (including STL, SKP, OBJ, AutoCAD DXF, etc.)"

  • Luc Belanger


    I want this also, the basic reason being that many suppliers of mechanical devices such as ball screw, linear guides, motors etc.. will supply their drawings for mechanical engineering.

    I am not a big user od RSM just because of this! It is just too wasteful of time to redesign screws, pulleys geras etc..


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