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Routing Differential Pairs



  • A C

    I agree with this as well as routing more than a pair of connections at a time.  This has already come down to many of the entry level EDA tools, it would be nice to see it make it here as well.

  • Michael Jones

    Another huge vote for this feature.

    Differential pairs are essential to pretty much every modern PCB design, whether it's USB, Ethernet, ADCs, clocks, whatever.

    I simply can't use DesignSpark to do anything but the most basic circuit boards.

    Please introduce proper differential pair routing and length matching!

  • Ben Ehrlich

    Years later, I've had to leave my first love, DSPCB, for KiCad.

    This was simply because KiCad makes it easier to route Diff Pairs...

    Dam shame...




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