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DS8 beta



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    DesignSpark PCB

    Thank you for evaluating the beta version and for your feedback, this will help everyone when first released. I have now reported this to the developers.

  • Boss .

    Hi Andrew, Well spotted! I tend to use the dotted grid most of the time so missed this.

    I see the same behaviour and found in the Design Technology the signal line width is not defined so defaults to a width of 1 which as you say disappears at certain zoom as the screen draws the line widths to get them displayed and at some levels clashes with the grid line width.

    Checking the DT you will find signal width missing, add this and it all works.

    Raise a ticket and report this.

    Capture an image of the above line widths when first viewed showing they are missing as i expected mine will be saved somewhere now.

    The issues I have reported (which don't relate to yours) are

    1. the Design Technology file is left blank on the very first launch of the program and if you don't select one all sorts of problems occur.

    2. The BOM composer has some issues such as can't save the Excel file.

    But I love the new measure tool so useful, i have reported the mouse over displays measure gap as previous version, but that's a minor point.


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