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Board Outline Required by PCB Manufacture



  • Dennis Miller

    Thanks!  Got it.

    Questions:  (A) Is this "Board Outline" used by the pcb manufacture to determine where to cut the board to size?  (B) Is this gerber plot any different than the green rectangle board size line defined and observed on screen when first opening a new pcb project?

  • Boss .

    Hi Dennis,

    Yes the board outline is used for the cut size of the board. If it is an unusual shape they will enclose it in a rectangle for board area costings.

    Provided you have not changed the board outline from when the PCB design was created then it will be the same. It is always worth checking the Gerbers produced and they should confirm the PCB size.

    If you print out the PDF's these should also be full size (1:1) and I have used these to confirm unusual shapes, mounting hole and connector positions before manufacture.

  • Dennis Miller

    Thank you.  I have ordered the boards.  Hopefully, the manufacture will accept the Gerber files as sent. 


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