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Drill holes and copper pouring 7.2



  • Boss .

    Have you assigned the pad around the hole to the ground net?

    Post some screen captures where you see the conflict.

  • stefan thoresson

    Hi Boss,

    Yes, from what I can see this looks OK with respect to gnd.
    I can also see that if I do thermal it will connect the Cu pouring areas are with this pad with the correct width.

    The workaround I found is to put isolation gap to 0.001(rounds and accepts this value in rules) which then makes a small gap in printout that don't affect etching, the drawback is that it creates DRC errors.

    I have added two pictures below
    First is describing holes how they look in CAD, second picture is after printout. In the printout it can be seen that flooding works and these holes have been covered with Cu, but should be holes. Other holes are visible


  • Boss .

    Interesting solution, but how are you printing?
    Assuming from the manufacturing output plots and using PDF, the tab options shown in the picture are individually settable for each layer as it is selected (highlighted in blue).

    In the 'Settings' tab there are options to fill plated and unplated holes as shown, they may be set for filled.

    Also the built in PDF generator has more features than a typical PDF file, but more importantly simulates a photoplotter, hence you can get backoff errors which will fill holes on tracks (not your situation but for info), see help for details on this.
    For the simplest PDF if anyone wishes to print artwork, use a Windows PDF printer, set this as your default printer and then select 'Windows' as the output. This will ignore backoff errors and show holes.

    Interested if the check boxes mentioned above resolve your issue.

  • stefan thoresson

    Hi Boss


    When printing as You suggest to Windows and use a Windows pdf writer I got the hole as it is supposed to be. If I print to pdf directly in file/print the holes disappear. You are correct.
    (Dont think that it is related to output/man..plot settings though)
    I am normally printing from the file/print menu. Not using output/manufacturing plot. Only use that for gerber etc.
    Since mostly doing double sided boards I therefore print using mirror of top layer to get the ink from the Laser closest to the pcb for nice tracks. Do think mirror layer only available from that menu to mirror plot.
    What I found out for long time ago is that when doing print direct to windows from DS and the laser writer when mirror I got a major scaling error that does not show when I print to pdf with mirror. If I dont mirror the size is ok. If I print to pdf with mirror and then prints to laser I dont get any scaling errors.
    The scaling error makes the board drill not be the same for both sides so not acceptable at least for larger boards. This board is 160x233mm. Impossible to align top and bottom layer so that drills get ok all over the board. I dont know if this scaling error is due to my printer or due to something else unfortunate.
    But as You suggest printing to pdfwriter although selecting windows does seems to not give scaling error when mirror top layer when doing a first test.

    Thanks, although not understanding why the hole disappears when print to pdf first and then Laser I can use this way and get correct result.



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