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zoom in one more step please




  • Official comment
    DesignSpark PCB

    Additional zoom levels is now available in V8.1 please see a full list of features at


    Thank you all for suggesting this improvement

  • DesignSpark Support

    Thanks ffred ffred for our first feature reuest.

    If community members agree/ disagree, they can vote up and down on this request. These will absolutely be taken in to account by the software program managers in their development plans.

  • ffred ffred

    ok, thanks..

  • Boss .

    Hi  ffred ffred, totally agree this would be a very welcome new feature.

    Although I find the Windows Magnifier tool a bit of a pain, it can be helpful for viewing and working on small details, I saw this tip from BradLevy.
    I find I have to pin the tool to the task bar to ensure I can always find it so that I can reset it back to 100% or turn it off.

    Below is a 200% magnification with "magnify glass" selected option which follows the cursor so you can work with it while using DSPCB, but an extra zoom level in the program would make life easier. (you can zoom the whole window as well)

  • A C

    I support this.  Most of my boards are filled with .5mm pitch devices as well as some .4mm BGA devices.  Being able to zoom in a bit more would be fantastic!


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