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Feature suggestion: Scale an existing shape or board outline



  • Paul Marchant

    I would agree with Brad, the ability to scale an object would be a great feature.

  • Matt Thompson

    I see this thread died before it started, but I think this capability is essential.

    I'm a bit confused, because the online help talks about a scale command, at least for 2D sketch geometry, that is supposed to be present in the sketch ribbon.

    My version of DSM (2015.0.0.08021 64 bit) running on Windows 7, does not have the command icon.  I suppose it is best to post a separate question about this issue, as I was unable to find helpful info from forum searches, and the software help seems to be incorrect.

    Edit: I see now that this thread is actually for DSPCB.  I'm going to begin a new post under DSM about the need to be able to scale existing objects.




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