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Imported DXF - Copper Fill shapes



  • Boss .

    Looks like you have made more progress with DXF production and import into DSPCB than any other post I have seen!

    I not sure if this will help, but DSPCB does not support line widths of zero, so this may be an issue. The donut shapes look like you may have used an unsupported dxf feature, spline curves?

    Your lines may all be board outlines or have you managed to move them to copper layers? View in 3D as you may just have cutouts in the board!

    DXF import is described as being for board outlines only as an aid to getting complicated board shapes and mounting holes ready to design your PCB. Sorry not to be more helpful, but I don't think you can import onto the copper layer, but interested if you have found a way.

  • Brad Levy

    Hi Boss,

    In the Import DXF dialog you can specify the mapping between DXF layers and DS PCB layers/object types (Board, shape on copper, shape on documentation, etc.)

    You can also convert a board outline to a shape or copper pour by right-clicking on the outline and choosing Change Shape Type... and selecting the desired type.

    Importing from DXF to a silkscreen layer is one way to get a logo into DS PCB.


  • Boss .

    Hi Brad,

    Yes you are correct...

    Apologies for my confusing post, my excuse is I have a cold and 'fuzzy' head as is evident in my post! I had stopped writing some code due to making silly errors and should have stopped at that point.

    Yes DXF import for a logo is a good point, I did that as an exercise using DS Mech just a month or so ago and will revisit this soon. 

    Now to sign off for a few days :) 



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