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3D models



  • Boss .

    DSPCB only has a visualisation tool for 3D, however you can export the IDF into DS Mech and update the models to true 3D. I haven't tried this but there used to be a video on the technique which you may find on the DSM site?
    It's on my list of things to investigate when I get time, so let us know how you get on.

  • Mike Wood

    Thanks, but I already knew that. Our corporate mechanical tool is SolidWorks so this "solution" is not acceptable. Looks like we will need to find another tool for circuit and board design.

  • Brad Levy

    Mike, while you can't attach the step file itself to the component, you can define an attribute  (a Value in DS PCB terminology) of the part that could be set to the file location or URL of the step file for that component. It has been a while since I last worked with Solidworks, but it has scripting capabilities that could be used to then fetch the step files from a corporate server.

    -Brad (just another user)


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